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What are the installation types of molded case circuit breakers and frame circuit breakers?


There are three types of molded case circuit breakers: fixed type, plug-in type and withdrawable type.
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
1. The plug-in type adds a plug-in kit on the basis of the fixed type, and the pull-out type adds a pull-out side panel on the basis of the plug-in type.
The addition of plug-in kits for plug-in circuit breakers enables the main wiring of the circuit breaker to be wired on the plug-in base. When the circuit breaker body needs to be removed for inspection or replacement, there is no need to move and change the main wiring cables or busbars.
On the basis of the plug-in type, the withdrawable type circuit breaker also adds a side plate. The original plug-in type circuit breaker needs to be pulled out, but now it only needs to be shaken out with the handle. Moreover, the pull-out type has an exit position, which already meets the requirements of the insulation distance, ensures insulation, and does not need to take out the circuit breaker completely.
2. The secondary wiring of the fixed circuit breaker comes out from the knockout hole on the front cover.
The plug-in circuit breaker can be equipped with an automatic nine-wire connector, which is divided into a plug (connected to the circuit breaker) and a socket (installed on the plug-in base), so that once the circuit breaker is pulled out from the base, the secondary wiring is also will be disconnected without changing the wiring.
The withdrawable circuit breaker can be equipped with an automatic manual connector or a manual nine-wire connector. When the circuit breaker is in the withdrawn position, it can ensure that the secondary circuit is still connected.

There are two types of frame circuit breakers: fixed type and drawer type.
The fixed circuit breaker is still a fixed body, and the drawer type circuit breaker adds a drawer.
Also, the addition of the cradle makes the main wiring be connected on the cradle, and the busbar of the main wiring does not need to be changed when the main body is taken out.