630A LCD Display MCCB
  • 630A LCD Display MCCB630A LCD Display MCCB
  • 630A LCD Display MCCB630A LCD Display MCCB
  • 630A LCD Display MCCB630A LCD Display MCCB
  • 630A LCD Display MCCB630A LCD Display MCCB

630A LCD Display MCCB

Manufacture factory Saide 630A LCD display MCCB circuit breaker equips with intelligent controller as well, which not only makes its current adjustable but also grants protection against overload (long delay), short-circuit(short delay), short- circuit(instantaneous) & undervoltage, it'll certainly improve the entire power system's reliability, continuity &security. RS485 interface,MODBUS-RTU protocol.With MODBUS modul equipped,customers can choose options as below. Remote signal: Switching ON/OFF, tripping, alarm &malfunotional singal indication.

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Product Description

Remote control: Switching ON/OFF,reset.Remote test: 3-phase cuttent &N-pole current, grounding current.Remote adjustment: accept and execute remote command to debug remote control. Tripping unit menory recording function, last three time, tripping records can be well traced.SDM6 circuit breaker also obtains isolation funcion (Can be used as an alternative load switch).

630A LCD Display MCCB Functions and Characteristics

1. LCD Display overload regulating current, short-circuit time-delay current, instantaneous short-circuit current & tripping time duration are all adjustable

2. RS485 interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol

3. With MODBUS module equipped, customers can choose options as below

Remote signal: Switching ON/OFF, tripping, alarm & malfuncational signal indication

Remote Control: Switching ON/OFF, reset

Remote Test: 3-phase current & N-pole current, grounding current

4. Tripping unit memory recording function, last three times tripping records can be well traced.

5. Current rating from 100A up to 1630A.

Saide Moulded Case Circuit Breaker with LCD displayis an industrial circuit breaker newly developed by saide according to the international standard.

It is used in circuits with rated voltage below 690V,rated working current up to 400A for infrequent transformation and infrequent starting of motors.

630A LCD Display MCCB Normal work and installation conditions

1. The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m;

2. The SDM6 thermomagmetic iype with temperature of the surrounding medium is -6 ~ +40 , and the average temperature of 24 h is not more than +35*C. The relative humidity of the air at the installation site does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40P; at lower temperatures, there may be a higher relative humidity; the average minimum temperature of the wettest month does not exceed +25 °C for the average of the month The maximum relative humidity is not more than 90%, and the condensation on the surface of the product due to temperature changes is considered.

3. SDM6 intellgent type with temperature of the surrounding medium is -40 ~ +80

4. The product is used in non-explosive hazardous media, and the media does not have enough to corrode metals and destroy insulating gases and conductive dust.

5. In places where there is rain protection and no water vapor.

6. The installation category is Class III.

7. The pollution level is level 3.

8. The basic installation of the circuit breaker is vertical (ie vertical) or horizontal (ie horizontal).

9. The incoming line is either the up line or the down line.

10. Circuit breakers can be divided into fixed and plug-in types.

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