2P 320A DC Mccb
  • 2P 320A DC Mccb2P 320A DC Mccb
  • 2P 320A DC Mccb2P 320A DC Mccb
  • 2P 320A DC Mccb2P 320A DC Mccb
  • 2P 320A DC Mccb2P 320A DC Mccb
  • 2P 320A DC Mccb2P 320A DC Mccb

2P 320A DC Mccb

SAIDE Electric2P 320A DC mccb series of AC and DC Molded Circuit Breaker, specifically the High capacity 250A AC MCCB. The features and specifications you mentioned are as follows:

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Product Description

Product: 2P 320A DC mccb series AC and DC Molded Circuit Breaker Variant: High capacity 250A AC MCCB

Key Features and Specifications:

Maximum Rated Voltage: AC 1140V

Maximum Current: 800A

Maximum Breaking Capacity (for AC 800V): 50kA

Variant: 320A AC high voltage MCC

Maximum Rated Voltage (for high voltage MCC): AC 1500V

Maximum Current (for high voltage MCC): 800A

Maximum Breaking Capacity (for DC 1500V): 20kA

Applied Environment:

. Altitude: Suitable for altitudes up to 5500m.

. Damp Air Resistance: The product is resistant to damp air (three-proof type).

. Salt and Oil Fog Resistance: It can withstand the influence of salt fog and oil fog (three-proof type).

. Mold Resistance: It is resistant to the influence of mold (three-proof type).

. Suitable Environment: Designed for use in environments without explosion risks, where the medium present is not corrosive to metal or destructive to gas insulation and conductive dust.

2P 320A DC mccb : The "three-proof type" refers to the product's resistance to damp air, salt fog, oil fog, and mold. If you require the three-proof type product, you can indicate "TH" for special customization.

To ensure that the MCCB meets your specific requirements and for further details, it is important to consult the product documentation or directly contact SAIDE Electric. They will be able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the product.

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